Fran Hartshorn was born to sing!  Born the youngest of 9 children, her earliest memories are of singing with her sisters, pretending to be the Von Trapp Family Singers.

She was able to carry a tune and my voice developed and sounded mature around the time I was 12.  She started to receive local recognition and was invited to sing church solos and weddings, and yes, high school musicals, portraying Maria in The Sound of Music, a dream come true. 

At the end of 1985, Fran moved to Tucson, Arizona, then in 1987 the moved to New York City, then to San Diego in 1991.

She has performed in musical theatre and operetta, as a solo vocalist, with her own jazz combo in San Diego, as well as with several various music groups including a big band orchestra, a pop group, a classical trio, and jazz harmonizing group.

Fran has also held a love of nature and photography, which combined and brought her to discover a new passion: bird photography.

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