Around 2015, I was inspired to look closely at birds. A friend of mine had some wonderful photos of birds she had captured in her own backyard. Living in the city of Los Angeles, I was skeptical as to whether I would find any interesting birds around my yard. Once I sat down long enough to observe, I began to spot many of the same species’ as my friend, much to my delight. I’ve long loved photography, but had mostly done landscape and flowers, but not any wildlife outside of an occasional zoo visit. It was at this point I decided that I needed to take on birds as a subject, for several reasons.

First, observing them brings tremendous joy! I can’t explain it, one has to experience it, be moved by it.

Second, it can be difficult to identify birds in the field without specific details, and there are many subtle differences in birds. Plus, birds are generally shy and easily startled, they can move about quickly, in and out of shadows, and will fly away when approached. By taking photos, I have the ability to identify the bird later on.

Third, birds are an important part of our environment and the ecosystems of the world. We need birds!